-  2 hrs up to two backdrop colors

-  two looks

-  face and 3/4 shots only

-  2 retouched images

-  proofs will be web-resolution, and available to download 


Small Groups


-  3 hrs

-  two individuals (either having pictures taken together or as individuals)

-  two looks

-  two backdrop colors

-  4 retouched images proofs included

-  add more friends for $50 a friend (up to 5 people max)


Add Ons

-  more time  - $100/hour

-  double your looks and backdrop colors - $50

-  creative lighting and/or full-body shots - $100

-  additional retouched images - $25 each

Untitled photo

Outdoor Portrait


Individual & Groups


- 3 hrs as many looks as you’re comfortable with

- no limits on group size

- natural light ONLY

- face, 3/4, and full body shots included

- all images (at least 50) will be gently edited and available to download at both web and print resolution, or prints directly from the gallery (excludes beauty retouching)

- 4 retouched images (includes beauty retouching)

Untitled photo

Event Request

Live Music/Comedy or Events/Parties

Custom Pricing

Please send me details for your event

- where/when

- what is your budget (how much were you expecting to pay a photographer)

- how long do you need me there

- do you have specific shots you require of me, what are they

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